Nokia Game facts

Ok het kan nog je kunt nog beginnen.

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Even hier wat facts, highlighted wat mij op viel.

On November 19, gamers will begin competing in Nokia Game 2003, a 10-day interactive multimedia game competition that includes a series of challenges, turn-based role play games, as well as arcade-style action. The objective of Nokia Game 2003 is to help the protagonist, Flo – an 18 year-old mobile jockey – overcome the evil AnyOne Clan. Although solo competition is possible in Nokia Game 2003, players are encouraged to recruit a clan of their own –a team of up to five players – to take on the AnyOne Clan. Its the ultimate battle of mobile good versus evil, with the future of mobile gaming on the line.

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Andere facts. Het spel is kinda al begonnen. iedere dag komt er een mailtje, als je dat mailtje goed bekijkt, plaatje inzoomen, dan valt er iets op: Volgens er zitten letters in. In the mailtje tot nu toe is te vinden ? M E M O R I Z E M A P O _ _ _ _ _ _ _ de streepje zijn het aantal mailtje nog te gaan tot het begin van Nokia Game!

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